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[ Application Form & Instructions ]

Post#1 » Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:46 pm

Staff members should be able to handle high stress and must be extremely mature. Staff members must be good communicators as well.

You must be able to handle power and responsibility to fulfill all of your duties wisely and swiftly.

Staff members are required to have Skype for communication.

Please start a new thread in this forum, then copy and paste the template below into the body of your post. Please answer the questions neatly and thoroughly. Applications using incorrect spelling and grammar will be immediately denied. Your application will be reviewed by the current staff, other members, and myself to decide whether you are capable of becoming a moderator.

All applications must be approved by Croser.

Code: Select all

   1. Skype Username :
   2. Timezone :
   3. Age :
   4. Describe what you think the job of an Admin / Moderator entails? :
   5. Have you been an Admin / Moderator before? :
   6. Why do you qualify as an Admin / Moderator? :
   7. Why do you want to be an Admin / Moderator? :
   8. Describe how much experience and knowledge you have of administrating a forums website :
   9. How active are you in-game? On the forums? On Skype? :
   10. Entropia Raider license type (Free, VIP, Sponsor ) :
   11. Additional comments ( Optional ):
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