New Hunting option on scrips

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New Hunting option on scrips

Post#1 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:12 pm

Number 1)What we need is repair broken amp with portable repair terminal , is it posible to make that with boot , when gun or amp breaks, or any other way

Number 2) Also we need when no mobs on radar (it happen very offen) gun need stop shooting , and avatar need run until it finds mobs again on radar and start shooting

Number 3) Mindforce example 1 shoot with arsonatic chip then shoot with gun (is it posible to make that first shoot is chip then rest is gun) it needs be first shoot chip

Number 4) Some posibilty to get back to last hunting place after your avatar die , that sure whoud help

Nuber 5) Walking backwards and shooting mob if that posible to do save armor decay and less heal

Number 1,2,3 is most we need for now any of those if you can make sure whoud help . That all for now i can think

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Re: New Hunting option on scrips

Post#2 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:34 am

1) Any attempts to move items around in the inventory, or to and from the inventory and trade windows, were met with a resounding "nope" from the game client.
I imagine it would be the same with repair terminals.

2) Already working on it. Maybe not walking around just yet, but waiting without shooting all the time.
To have the bot walk around randomly while it waits for mobs to spawn would require the area to be mapped, so the PathFinding module could be utilized.

3) Can be done, although it might shoot the mob more than once, depending on the speed of the weapon used for pulling. The game doesn't update the chatlog fast enough for the bot the be able to respond in time.

4) Can be done using the PathFinding module, but that too would require the area to be mapped.

5) The bot has no idea what's behind you, it would result in running into other mobs, off cliffs, getting stuck etc.. More trouble than it's worth IMHO.
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