ProHunter 3.0

Hunts anything, anywhere. Supports looting, combat healing, multiple weapons, and much, much more.
Sponsor requested script. The most advanced script to this date.
Not only does it kill and loot creatures, but also counts kills, records damage and is capable of switching weapons when your current one breaks.
It also knows if the creature is; dead, unreachable, none is being targeted, or fails to interact with it, and will act accordingly.
Thanks to several fail-safe mechanisms, this script is capable of running for hours on end, making Iron Challenges a walk in the park.
  • Always loots its target.
  • Customizable loot delay to best fit your weapons.
Combat healing
  • Supports all healing equipment.
  • Will automatically re-equip weapon and resume attacking current target when done healing.
  • Multiple methods of getting player health available.
  • Records both damage taken and healed.
  • 'Heal at' and 'Heal to' values are set using simple and straightforward sliders.
Multiple weapons
  • Supports both melee and ranged weapons
  • Swaps weapons when current one breaks.
Supported Locations
Default Locations:
Arkadia :
  • Arkadia Event Arena 2
  • Relentless Firebase Academy
  • Dauntless Firebase Academy
  • Courageous Firebase Academy

Calypso :
  • Port Atlantis North Gate
  • Port Atlantis East Gate

Hunt-Anywhere function and Script customization can be used to add, and/or edit new locations. So yes, this script can be used to hunt anything, anywhere.
  • Does this support [some location]?
    • The list of supported locations is listed above. If you don't see it listed, you can add it using the script customization, or use the Hunt-Anywhere function. Or, you can request it and I may add it.
  • Does this support [some feature]?
    • Most of the supported features are listed above. If you don't see it listed, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not supported. It simply means that, there is too many to list all at once, so don't panic, you can always ask live support. Or, you can request it and I may add it.
  • Why does the script attack slowly?
    • You may have set the attacks-per-minute incorrectly, I recommend using the bypass and 'Toggle-AutoUse Tool'.
  • How do I get this to [do some thing]
    • There will be a complete "how to" posted above. For now, feel free to contact live support and ask there.
How to Get
  • This script is available on both the Sponsor and VIP license. Full 1 hour trial is available to free users.
InputSys 3.0
  • ProHunter 3.1 comes updated with the latest input system, which eliminates awkward movement patterns and removes mouse hijacking completely!
  • More information and a preview can be found in the setup: here


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