• Free scripts only

  • 2 hours per session

  • LiveChat support

  • Some ads shown

  • One computer

  • InputSys 3.0(?)

  • Perfect for new users


  • No time restriction on free scripts

  • 2 hours per session on Pro scripts

  • Full Skype and TeamViewer support

  • No ads

  • One computer

  • InputSys 3.0(?)

  • Perfect for regular users


  • Unlimited access!

  • Script compiler access!

  • Access to other experimental features.

  • Full Skype and TeamViewer support

  • No ads

  • InputSys 3.0(?)

  • Unlimited number of computers

  • Perfect for heavy market users

Before you pay!

Customer satisfaction is very important to us, and to make sure we're getting things right, and you get what you paid for, please contact support through the live support chat if you have any questions regarding the software / license, or would like to try and test it first.
Once you've confirmed that you received and have access to what you decided to purchase, will you be asked to pay.

So before you send your money, please contact us.

We're only human and things can go wrong, so if you feel we haven’t done things well enough or there are areas in which we could improve, please let us know and we’ll try and put things right.
Equally, if you think we’ve provided exceptional service or outstanding support, please let us know so we can keep doing it and we can reward our team..
Thank you.


Please remember that;

the price you pay for the Entropia Raider license is calculated on the basis that:
1) you pay by credit or debit card through the PayPal website and
2) it is non-refundable for any reason after 7 days once you have used the Entropia Raider Service in any way.
7 day money back guarantee

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