Mechanic 0.1

Mothership repair script.
A simple yet powerful mothership repair script.
Repair kit condition detection
  • Monitors the condition of the current repair kit and switches to another one when the current one breaks.
  • Supports up to 10 repair kits.
Future plans
  • Repair points monitor.
  • Skill monitor.
  • Does this support [some location]?
    • This script is to be used on motherships.
  • Does this support [some feature]?
    • Most of the supported features are listed above. If you don't see it listed, it may not have been implemented yet, you can request it and I may add it.
  • How effective is it?
    • The full effectiveness has yet to be determined as the script itself won't be available for public testing until the update is released.
  • How do I get this to [do some thing]
    • There will be a complete "how to" posted above. For now, feel free to contact live support and ask there.
How to Get
  • This script is available on all licenses.


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