Entropia Raider setup

This section describes the software and how to use it.
The setup guide is currently being updated, some information and/or screenshots may not be up to date yet..



This section focuses on the game settings.

You can leave all your graphics setting the way they are, be it 'safe-mode' or 'very high', as long as your frame rate is 30 FPS or higher on average. If you don't know what frame rate is, just make sure your game runs smoothly.
Poor performance might result in the locator not reading the radar correctly.

On the off chance you are running the game in safe-mode, you will need to set the shading quality to at least 'Medium' in order for the bot to read the GUI properly.

Vertical Synchronization is important to improve screenshot capturing by limiting the amount of resources Entropia Consumes. Without it Entropia will try to render as many frames as possible limiting other programs performance if the program has trouble with the recognition or it takes a long time, enabling Vertical Sync might help speed things up.

The bot depends on reading multiple things from chat, like damage dealt and received, creature states messages, planet and position information etc.. Chat messages are stored in a chat.log file where the bot can access and process them. To have the chat log file active you must enable it in the in-game options.
To enable the bot to control your character after it has sent a chat response (asked for healing, thanked, etc.,), disable 'Keep Main Chat Focus When Entering Text'.

Some of the GUI elements need to be changed before the bot is activated. Like the size of the radar, and so on..

The radar can be resized by dragging the bottom right corner. Be sure to make it big enough for the locator to be able to read the coordinates with the LON, LAT prefixes.

The bot uses the default control keys to move and rotate your character. These are, W,S,A,D for movement and Z,C for rotation. Rotation keys can be changed in the script settings.
In the example below, keys 1-4 are used to target, engage, and loot creatures. These too, can be changed in the script settings. The Action library can be accessed by pressing the 'Y' key, from there, drag and drop the action icons required by the script on the desired keys in the keyboard map.

  • Creature interaction (ORANGE)
    • Configurable
  • Movement (RED)
    • Default
  • Rotation (BLUE)
    • Configurable
  • Teleportation (PURPLE)
    • Default
  • Communication (LIME)
    • Default

The hunting script requires you to set your equipment. By default the bot uses NUMPAD0-NUMPAD9 for weapons, with NUMPAD0 being the first weapon and NUMPAD9 being the last.
Assigning NUMPAD1-NUMPAD9 to weapons is OPTIONAL, NUMPAD0, however MUST be set in order for the bot to operate correctly.
If you choose to use healing, your FAP has to be set to NUMPAD_ENTER.

  • Primary Weapon (BLUE)
    • Required
  • Reserve weapons (to be used when primary breaks) (ORANGE)
    • Optional
  • First Aid Pack (RED)
    • Required if healing enabled

As of version all users now have access to the newest input system which utilizes a set of functions that allow the bot to follow a dynamic set of waypoints, instead of using the old IS2 hard coded commands.
InputSys 3 also features key simulation, meaning, the bot no longer "hijacks" users mouse, but instead sends keys (W,A,S,D + user defined) to the client window. This is thanks to the newly added AutoIt library.
However, as powerful as AutoIt is, not even it can control Entropia Universe minimized, so the game still requires focus.

To use commands directly from console, simply open console (F2), and use 'help' to list all available commands and parameter '/?' to get more information on selected command.

Adding waypoints:
Waypoints can be added by using the command 'addWaypoint'.
It will add a waypoint at the current coordinates to a list of waypoints. You can add as many as you like, but make sure they are apart by at least the value of _tolerance. (Locator must be activated!)

P2P Tolerance:
Command syntax : 'P2Ptolernce value' ( numeric )
Determines by how many units can the bot miss a waypoint for it to be registered as reached. Default setting is 5.

Saving waypoints:
Waypoints can be saved to a file and later loaded, so there is no need to manually add them every time. The file will be saved to the bot directory as a .txt.
Command syntax : 'saveWaypoints file_name' ( without '.txt' )

Loading waypoints:
Command syntax : 'loadWaypoints file_name' ( without '.txt' )

Clearing waypoint list:
Before loading, the waypoint list in the bots memory should be cleared, this can be done by using the command 'clearWaypoints'.

Before running the script you can have the bot run through the waypoints to test them. This can be done using the command 'runWaypoints' and terminated using F12.
'runWaypoints' doesn't require a running script.

The above console commands can also be called using the Script Customization window.

  • Script window (BLUE)
  • Locator (RED)
    • Has to be started.
  • Chat Logger (ORANGE)
    • Must be loaded. Preferably after setting up the Pixel Checker.
  • Pixel Checker (LIME)
  • Loot Window (PURPLE)
    • Either drag the window aside so it doesn't get in the way of the script, or disable it in the settings.

This section focuses on the bot itself.

Download the bot from the download page, extract the package, SCAN FOR VIRUSES and run 'EntropiaRaider.exe' as administrator.

In order to be able to use Entropia Raider, you are going to need an account. You can register one through the bot when you first run it, or here

You may be notified about an update upon your first login. It is strongly recommended to always update to the latest version.

The update notifier will provide you with information about what has been updated, giving you the choice to either update or keep using your current version.

The updater will automatically download the update. With the new Updater 2.0 you no longer have to manually extract and replace the outdated files. This is, of course, optional, you can re-download the whole RAR file from the download page if you wish.

The main layout consists of three windows, the main window, the chat logger and the locator.

  • Main Window (BLUE)
    • The main window features a simplified update log, script selection drop-down menu, etc., it's fairly straight forward.
  • Locator (ORANGE)
    • The locator is essentially the eyes of the bot, it reads the players location and rotation. It is to be placed over the radar.
    • If you're having trouble getting it to read the coordinates correctly, read this.
  • Chat Logger (LIME)
    • The chat logger will read and display the game chat, it also features a simple game client monitor which will stop the bot in case the game crashes.

1) Right click anywhere on your desktop, and click "Display settings"

2) Change the value to 100%

The program utilizes a technique called keyboard hooking. It is used to capture the keys pressed on the keyboard, that are sent to the operating system, even if the application does not have focus. This technique enables you to safely and quickly terminate any running script. The default shortcut if F12. I recommend running the bot after you log in to Entropia Universe, and shutting it down after you end your game session or for the time periods where your sensitive information is exposed by, you typing it on your keyboard.

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