Advanced Sweat

Advanced Sweat script, as the name implies, is a Sweating script and a remake of the very first script I wrote for Entropia Raider ( Simple Sweat ).
While the task of 'Sweating' is a fairly simple one, it often times requires player interaction.
To make it look and operate as 'human' as possible, multiple fail-safes and player interaction mechanisms have been implemented, making this single script over 1400 lines long.
The script will, for example thank when the player is healed or ask for healing upon revival. These messages are fully customizable.
It knows if the creature is; dry, dead, unreachable or if none is being targeted, and will act accordingly.
This script has been updated with input system 2.6.

Default locations : ( Keep in mind that with the introduction of Script customization, this script is no longer limited to the default locations and can be used anywhere. )
Calypso :
Camp Icarus
Port Atlantis North gate
Port Atlantis East gate

Arkadia :
Relentless Firebase Academy
Dauntless Firebase Academy
Courageous Firebase Academy